25 September 2016

Assessing Psychological Needs at the Drugstore


fretting in front of the shampoos standing

with promises for all my problems I wonder

what I want


Luxurious Moisture?

or do I need Damage Recovery?

is Gold Strength good enough? or should I pay for Platinum?

does Anti-Breakage prevent a part of my body from being broken?


Maybe I’ve got this wrong–More Volume!

Flawless Curls should fix everything

Smooth & Silky means smooth sailing


as long as the liquid lasts in the plastic

bottle with every answer printed on the label.

For only $4.95 I can buy a Fresh Start.




  1. A study in packaging labels…now that’s a poem!

  2. Fun.

  3. Advertising at its best/worst. Love this look at you in the shampoo aisle, Megan!