Goodbye: interior

When my mom died, she left me a little money. After thinking about how to use it for a few months, I decided she’d be happiest if I put it into the house. Formica, begone!

Now I think of all the interiors as coming from her, although a strict accounting does not bear that out. Suffice it to say that her gift spurred us to spend a little more, to fix this, to paint that. The improvement project I already miss is the flooring. Probably because it’s already gone.

New owners, there is brand-new laminate wood flooring, professionally laid. It’s beautiful and consistent through the whole house, except the bathrooms, which are tile. But when I close my eyes I see the floor my husband laid, shortly after we moved in. Honestly, if that floor were still here, it would be hard to leave. Not because it was better but because it was a family project. We have pictures of all of us together, doing our part. When I dream about this house I dream that floor.

The realtor likes this new floor. It looks great in the photos. And as soon as it went in, I was ready to say goodbye to this house. So goodbye floor. Goodbye fireplace. Goodbye three bedrooms. Goodbye kitchen and dining. Goodbye front living room and back living room. Goodbye bathrooms. Goodbye closets and cabinets and shelves.


  1. “Now I think of all the interiors as coming from her…” FABULOUS line!

    When you dream of that house you dream of the floor because you did it all together. I can’t even come up with a word to describe the feeling that gave me. But it did. It’s good to stop and consider that. Thanks.