Poetry Club, day 5

Here’s a short one, a haiku. I wanted to have a chapter in The Joy of Poetry with great poems about creepy, crawly critters. Didn’t happen.

Sorry, Darlene. Your poem would have been perfect.



hordes of flapping wings

emerge from slumber caves, swoop

sway, dance, eat black skies


Simply Darlene


Your turn.


  1. So wonderful that this series is giving you the opportunity to show case some poetry and some authors who didn’t make it into the book.
    Sue Hubbell wrote A Country Year, and altho’ it is prose, her writing is lyrical and poetic throughout. She described a scene in which she was drinking her morning coffee outdoors in early light. Once the mosquitoes found her, she nearly decided to go inside, but then the bats found the mosquitoes, and she wrote about the feeling of being bait for someone else’s breakfast. I’ve always felt a little bit friendlier toward bats since reading that account.

  2. I like the phrase “eat black skies”, and the strong verbs, too: emerge, swoop, sway.

  3. This is crazy, I know, but so many images came to me when I read this. I’ve been thinking about them all day, moments when slumber caves pour forth and stillness is broken by a frenzy of activity.

    – My children/grandchildren emerging from the family room when the cartoon/movie ends.

    – The dings, rings, tweets and other sounds when I finally turn on my phone in the morning.

    – The sound, two hours after we get up, of my husband at the other end of the house rising from his desk, switching off the lamp, retrieving his lunch from the fridge, zipping it into his shoulder bag, then his footsteps passing through the kitchen to alert me he is leaving. Then begins the school buses, the commuter traffic and the black sky being eaten by the rising sun.

  4. Oh Megan! I’m a few days post-date late, but thank *you* for even considering it worthy of your fantabulous poetry book. Your writing continues to inspire me.


  5. You know how I feel about bats.

    However, I do love the piece you wrote for my blog, and I did end up buy the Bat-Poet afterwards.

    And I like that they eat black skies. Better than eating me.