Poetry Club, day 17

This one’s another haiku. Such a useful format! The author was 13 when she wrote it. Now she’s a young woman. If you’ve read or seen or had any exposure to the legend of King Arthur, then you will get this poem.

Think of an iconic moment in a classic story. Could you render it in haiku?




I don’t understand.

All I did was lift the sword

from the stone.


Sara Barkat, age 13


Your turn.


  1. Just Paul Bunyan
    his mighty axe swinging wide
    Babe for company.
    I have no idea if that’s a haiku–can’t remember if the pattern is syllables or words per line–but it was fun.
    (and those Barkat girls–gifted for sure.)

  2. I grew up with Paul Bunyan. Favorite legend was the cook’s helpers greasing the giant griddle by skating with slabs of bacon on their feet.

    We are in the core.

    I know you’re upset. Just breathe.

    Julia, we got cows.

    (From one of my favorite movies–Twister)


    Sara rocks. I got to meet her and her sister in Indiana. And my biggest harp’s name is Arthur. King Arthur, of course. (Get it?) Except the model is also a “Storm King” made by a harp maker named Timothy Harper.

  3. One came while clipping
    hedge, but by time I was done,
    could not recall it.

    Now THIS is a classic story! And a true one. Great writing prompt, Megan! I thought about it all day. The first one that came to me went right out of my head. Never came back. I decided to write a haiku about that.

    Thanks, Jody and Sandy, for reminding me of Paul Buyan. Haven’t thought about him for decades.

  4. Y’all wrote haiku! I’m officially happy now.