14 June 2017

(I wrote this in the Thursday morning poetry group, which has been meeting for more than 25 years, but which I only attend occasionally. The first line is something the host actually said.)


If the plumber shows up, just keep writing

If the birds preen and beckon, just keep writing

If the graduates graduate without pomp and circumstance, just keep writing

If the Zoom chat zags, just keep writing

If the translator takes off for Moscow, just keep writing

If the tiger escapes his tidy sanctuary, just keep writing

If the deluxe model is less than delightful, just keep writing

If the passengers pressure you to revolt, just keep writing

If the family’s attempt at vacation fails, just keep writing

And if the day is long and lonely, filled with irresponsible promises flapping like tired pied pipers,

dear Writer

you know what to do.



  1. Thank you for sliding this poem into my inbox this morning. This is my line: When your Dad’s cancer fires back up, just keep writing. I appreciate you, Megan and how you see the world, how you listen and write. You are a gift.

  2. Love this, Megan. The whole thing. The first line made me laugh because of my love-hate relationship with having workmen come to the house. I appreciate them immensely and am so glad I can have them come, but waiting for the doorbell to ring and having them in the house or on the property, with the possibility of them, at any moment, asking me a question or uttering “Uh-oh,” is a huge distraction.

  3. Oh!!! How I love this!!! No matter what is going on in life, whatever stage you’re in, KEEP writing! I needed this today. Summer vacation is being adjusted to and I’m the taxi service. Yet. I keep on writing!

    • Ruth, the summer adjustment when my kids needed me to ferry them to all their daytime activities was so difficult. Love your “yet.” Yes!

  4. I love this!

  5. I read this while the carpenter is on the deck with my husband. I felt a tug to go out and be part of the new deck conversation, but my husband has it covered. I need to let go —and write.

  6. If the Muse is duct taped in the corner, just keep writing. This is oil for a rusty writing soul!

  7. When a book deadline looms, and it’s a choice between a lovely beach day or one’s bum in the chair, just… well, maybe the beach day *is* writing. 😉