6 September 2017

Birds & Bees

“The bees are stirring — birds are on the wing”
Samuel Coleridge, “Work without Hope”

You are not a Bee
and I am not a
Bird, so why do we
say they fall in love?

Not with each other,
they don’t. They don’t eat
the same things. It’s a
mixed metaphor, at
best, at worst, it’s a
cautionary tale.
(Some birds do eat bees.)

But if we want hope
and work and a spring
like Coleridge’s
then let’s let you be
a Hummingbird and
I then will be a
Butterfly. We’ll bump
into each other
as we sip nectar
in our own backyard.


  1. Such a lovely picture!

  2. So beautiful, Megan. Sipping nectar side by side….I like that picture.