On Thursday mornings, a group of us gather together to visit over hot beverages, and then we make a list of words and write poems from them. I’ve only been coming to this group for a couple of years, but it’s been a group for a couple of decades. Sometimes, for me, the poem comes because two words happen to be next to each other in the list. For this poem, that juxtaposition was the words “luck” and “basil.”


Today I need luck

but I’ll settle for basil

fresh basil from the garden

(not my garden–I don’t have a garden)

but your garden will do. Do

you have basil?

I require copious amounts for pesto.

Olive oil is abundant, as is garlic, Parmesan,

there are nuts enough

but as luck would have it, no basil.

So, lucky you, you

get to help me get lucky.


If you lack basil, do you have some other savory herb?

Cilantro? Parsley? Any fragrant green bush will do. Do

me a favor–

look in your garden, push the squash aside

look for luck

while the full moon lasts. Later

I’ll help you replant.


  1. Love this!! Thanks, Megan.

  2. I had a lucky (accidental) incident with basil. I saw I had put fresh herbs in the freezer, thought it was mint, and decided to make mint ice cream. When it was all done I tasted it and realized it was basil, not mint. And it made good ice cream! Then I looked it up and found that basil ice cream is actually not uncommon. It’s especially good served with fresh berries and drizzled with a little balsamic.

  3. Jack Swanzy says

    good one!