‘The solution is always’



Basic planks

like, Do you need

 a sandwich? a nap?



Paying attention

Gratitude and grit


Routine and serendipity

Holding yourself in an upright push-up

for a solid minute


then pushing back into a child’s pose

for the next

I believe, help my unbelief


This morning is 9 degrees cooler

than yesterday and the redbud

sprouts leaves


  1. Paying attention helps? I try to distract myself (playing my song in my head or actually reading a book open under my head), thinking distraction will help me make it a few more seconds.

    And you do them on your palms, as at the top of a pushup? I can only do them on my elbows. :-\

    The song I used to play in my head, also thinking it would help me last longer, is “Ooh, child, things are gonna get easier …” (by The Five Stairsteps).

  2. Megan! I will be grabbing that mantra during my practice: I believe, help my unbelief. Have relied on that plea so many times before, but never in yoga. 🙂

  3. “Breathing

    Paying attention

    Gratitude and grit.”

    I have a sticky note on my desk where I work that says “SBS”–stop, breathe, stretch. Because I forget.
    ((88 here in Renton on Monday, only 72 the high yesterday. Oy–did I celebrate the difference!))

    • Jody, I was actually lamenting the difference, in that 9 degrees hotter was not welcome. Yesterday was 97 in Austin, which does not bode well for the summer, since it’s not even Memorial Day. Wishing you pleasant days up there!

  4. Ron Kessler says

    Slay dragons

  5. Marilyn Yocum says

    Just read this for the 3rd time today,
    and not because I didn’t remember reading it already.

    Yes yes, the core. Keep coming back to the core.

  6. I had never thought of the connection between planks that hold everything up and the planks of torture. “I believe, help my unbelief” comes in handy for both, I think.