You could get married, or

you could take a hike–in fact, you should hike

together before you get hitched.

Try a trail before you tie the knot.


Spend the three months before the wedding trekking

El Camino del Santiago (you’ll look fabulous!)

or you could do the steep mile straight up Eagle Cliff

Find out if the fireworks last


Depending on when you go, there could be

drought or snow, sprawling vistas or swamps.

It’s all in the timing. Your feet will be sore, but

you’ll manage. The questions: which suit?

what food? whither favors? Whatever.


Back up at the summit

you’ll know if you have a good catch, and

coming back down, you’ll release it all

even your name.


  1. Marilyn Yocum says

    L-O-V-E THIS!!!

  2. Thank you, Marilyn!