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WACOAN: two articles for March!

The March 2019 issue includes two articles by me.

One is a tips piece, in which I interviewed five of Waco’s top Realtors and gathered a list of 43 tips for selling your home (p. 114)

The other is an interview with author Hilary Yancey about her book Forgiving God (p. 96).

The digital copy can be accessed from the website,

Interviewing tips

Published February 15, 2019

I Spy Yellow

I Spy Yellow

all colors and descriptions from A Is for Azure by L.L. Barkat, illustrated by Donna Z. Falcone

you are a Brass-petaled field

a Jasmine coil

a Xanthic mix

sometimes I hear your Yellow hello

you are tucked in a Red bed for gold

you hide in plain sight in Kiwi 

and Vermillion 

and Umber

and Silver

even White 

in the corners of Purple

along a Navy trail

on the far edge of an Iceberg stream

you are nowhere to be found in Fuchsia

I spy you

in a Cranberry twirl

and a Denim blue sea

perhaps that is you on the margins of an Orange flame

in the back of a Midnight terrain — a bulb blooming bright

until morning’s Tangerine sun

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