about me

hiking by a maple tree in Thayne, Wyoming

Tea and poetry. That’s how I start my writing day. As the day unfolds there’s more poetry and lots more tea, here, in my outdoor office.

I am a contributing writer for Rock & Vine and the Art Guide, both published by the Fredericksburg Standard. I also write poetry prompts for Chronic Joy and have done some work for Magnolia Journal. At Tweetspeak Poetry, where I serve as editor, I write book reviews for grownups and kids and lead a monthly column encouraging all of us to learn poetry By Heart (in other words, memorize ’em!).

In 2016 TS Poetry Press published The Joy of Poetry, a story of losing my mom and finding poetry. It’s part memoir, part anthology (my own poems and those of others), and part spirited defense of poetry, especially for those who think they hate it.

Next year TS Poetry Press will publish Rainbow Crow, a children’s poetry book about my favorite critter, with gorgeous illustrations by Hasani Browne.

If you would like to contact me, you can reach me by email at megan.willome@yahoo.com. Or follow me on Twitter, @meganwillome.

Take care!