Tweetspeak Poetry: Nothing Lost: Shakespeare Adapted

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‘The solution is always’

core.   Basic planks like, Do you need  a sandwich? a nap?   Breathing Paying attention Gratitude and grit   Routine and serendipity Holding yourself in an upright push-up for a solid … [Read more]


On Thursday mornings, a group of us gather together to visit over hot beverages, and then we make a list of words and write poems from them. I've only been coming to this group for a couple of years, but it's been a group for a couple of decades. … [Read more]

‘The Teacher Diaries: Romeo & Juliet’ by Callie Feyen

I haven’t known Callie Feyen long, but I think if we were to meet in person, we’d spend our entire time discussing books — for grownups and for not-yet grownups. We’d each introduce each other to new things. We’d laugh over how much we both enjoyed … [Read more]