Tweetspeak Poetry: The Problem with Laura Ingalls Wilder, part 2

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Tweetspeak Poetry: The Problem with Laura Ingalls Wilder, part 1

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Tweetspeak Poetry: Children’s Book Club: ‘Two Friends’

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Rainlessness   Drought is talented chooses some streets, cedes others   The sky committee dithers over details which house gets a proper rainbow   which zone deems dew a deluge   Count each fleck of … [Read more]

WACOAN: School Safety

Published August 2018 an interview with Dr. Marcus Nelson, Waco ISD superintendent; David Wrzesinski, safety coordinator, Robinson ISD; and Jenipher Janek, crisis response team leader for Education Service Center Region … [Read more]


August   The beautyberry bush blooms just as school starts. The green berry cluster comes out about the time the yellow school bus pulls up. Summer's green purples, like the bruise on my middle-left toe, taped to its buddy. Suddenly … [Read more]

Tweetspeak Poetry: Reading in the Wild: July 2018 Pages

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Revenge is juvenile sic 'em with a poem get the last word in rhyme, attempt ragtime say it slant leave love … [Read more]

Tweetspeak Poetry: How to Start a Revolution in a Reading Notebook

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‘Reinata Caridorada’

Reinata Caridorada   hot sunset steals the gay light among once-wildflowers dead from drought where oak and cedar meet — small birds   glean. We grab phones, snap males sporting black eyeliner females flashing … [Read more]