Children’s Book Club: ‘Blueberries for Sal’

Published July 12, 2019 … [Read more]

Woman of Interest: Baylor Acrobatics & Tumbling Coach Felecia Mulkey

Published August 2019 … [Read more]

Finished, a poem

Finished You have been diagnosed with Yesterday's Disease not Today's, for which we have promising new therapies not Tomorrow's, which we are currently studying in a petri dish in an underground, sealed laboratory but Yesterday's, the one … [Read more]

Reader, Come Home & a little lectio divina with Harry Potter

Published July 5, 2019 … [Read more]

By Heart: “The Star” (as in Twinkle, Twinkle)

Published June 28, 2019 … [Read more]

WACOAN: ‘The Big Event’

Published June 2019 … [Read more]

In Celebration of Joy Harjo

In June, Joy Harjo was chosen as the new U.S. poet laureate. I've spent the month getting acquainted with her poems, which are unlike any others I've read. This poem was written after reading and journaling through her poem "She Had Some … [Read more]

Walking in the Dark: A Path to Poetry

Published June 21, 2019 … [Read more]

Children’s Book Club: ‘Wangari Maathai: The Woman Who Planted Millions of Trees’

Published June 14, 2019 … [Read more]

Reader, Come Home: ‘The Odyssey’

Published June 7, 2019 … [Read more]