‘Wolf in the Snow’ by Matthew Cordell

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Reader, Come Home: ‘Little Rhymes for Lowly Plants’

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Linked haiku for season 8, GoT

To-Do List for Season 8 Now that destiny has taken a hand—a throne— a kingdom for three dragons, let us not smirk and swill wine—Stop annoying theories— The Troubles have come to stay—For all there will be … [Read more]

By Heart: Emily Dickinson’s “I Started Early — Took My Dog —”

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‘Twirl’ Book Club

Published February 14, 2019 The three posts about Callie Feyen's newest release, "Twirl," are available for Patrons of Tweetspeak Poetry. An investment of $1 a month gives you access.http://calliefeyen.com The first week looks at clothes, … [Read more]

Children’s Book Club: ‘Mr. Bliss’

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Reader, Come Home: Why ‘Jane Eyre’ is a YA Novel

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By Heart: ‘Delight in Disorder’

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WACOAN: two articles for March!

The March 2019 issue includes two articles by me. One is a tips piece, in which I interviewed five of Waco's top Realtors and gathered a list of 43 tips for selling your home (p. 114) The other is an interview with author Hilary Yancey about … [Read more]

Interviewing tips

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