Tweetspeak Poetry: By Hand, By Heart

Published September 28, 2018 … [Read more]

Of dishwashers and water nymphs

Warranty There are gremlins in the dishwasher (or elves, possibly grumpkins)--- regardless They are aggrieved apparently they prefer Cascade Platinum disdain Finish Orange so they withheld heat mucked up the circuitry punched holes in … [Read more]

Tweetspeak Poetry: The Red Brick Poetry Box

Published September 21, 2018 … [Read more]

‘Pass/Failed,’ a poem

Pass/Failed   Who decides the grade drawn from life's debris? What highlights (purely luck) get an A? Are points deducted when the creeks overflow? Pictures don't do the scenery justice--earning a C because the light wasn't … [Read more]

Tweetspeak Poetry: Children’s Book Club: ‘Brown Girl Dreaming’

Published September 14, 2018 … [Read more]

A soup poem

Basic Soup   Start at sunrise in the CrockPot soak up the patience of a day let the butter and garlic get to know each other get acquainted with the holy mirepoix add beans Simon & Garfunkel spices plus others. At sunset turn … [Read more]

Tweetspeak Poetry: Reading in the Wild, August’s 2018 Pages

Published September 7, 2018 … [Read more]

‘A Map for Samwell Tarley’

A Map for Samwell Tarley   The hills and rivers remain. That is all the map you need. The scraps of lands where others have traveled ~ you will journey Past all that. Bring your pen. Roots will trip you Ravens will fail you … [Read more]

Tweetspeak Poetry: By Hand: Pets

Published August 31, 2018 … [Read more]

Tweetspeak Poetry: ‘A Winter’s Tale’ & ‘Exit, Pursued by a Bear’

Published August 30, 2018 … [Read more]