Evening Loveliness: Poets Jane Kenyon & Sara Teasdale

Published January 17, 2020

WACOAN: School Safety

Published August 2018

an interview with Dr. Marcus Nelson, Waco ISD superintendent; David Wrzesinski, safety coordinator, Robinson ISD; and Jenipher Janek, crisis response team leader for Education Service Center Region 12.


Over the last six years in Region 12 — which serves over 161,000 students across 12 counties and 77 school districts, plus charter, private and parochial schools — Janek says there have been 70 human losses, mostly of students. Some of those have been medical, some accidental, some vehicular. There was one homicide.

“The majority have been suicides,” Janek said. “It’s the No. 1 reason why we are called to schools, and it accounts for half of the fatalities.”


School Safety

‘Morning Swim’

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a poem. I have been writing them, usually when I go to the Thursday morning poetry group, but I don’t always go. This one has been kicking around for over a year. I started it when I taught  The Joyful Partnership of Poetry & Memoir workshop for Tweetspeak. I recently shared it with another poetry class, and they seemed to think it was done. So it’s all yours, world.


Morning Swim

thank you, Maxine Kumin, for the title


Drove to the pool in the dark

like usual

started laps like usual but

the swim team that splashes beside me

makes waves into my miniscule laps

wasn’t in the lane wasn’t

even in the pool hadn’t jumped yet

was still on deck still in Speedos

hugging, crying

even the boys


The coach said

We don’t know why things happen.

            We think we know a person but we never do.

So let’s get in the pool. Swim our 300.


Nineteen teenagers jumped

splashed forward

made waves