‘The Yellow Wall-paper’ book club: Divinest Sense

Published April 22, 2020

‘The Yellow Wall-paper’ book club: Tell It Slant

Published April 15, 2020

‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’ book club: The Thing with Feathers

Published April 8, 2020

‘The Yellow Wall-paper’ book club (graphic novel edition)

Published March 20, 2020

A new graphic novel edition of ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’

Last month Tweetspeak released a graphic novel edition of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic short story, illustrated by Sara Barkat. It’s not only beautiful but brings depth and nuance to the tale. If you’re a teacher, if you’re a reader, pick up this one!

I’ll be leading a book club in April, so stay tuned!

Published January 24, 2020