Mark Osler’s “Prosecuting Jesus”

It's not often that I link to something I write for the WACOAN, but there is no better way to introduce you to Mark Osler and encourage you to read his new book, "Prosecuting Jesus," than to share a Q&A I did with him in July. We live in a … [Read more]

21 August 2016

*Note: I wrote this earlier in the summer. We are having a bizarre and welcome cool front, with 10 straight days of rain. Never in my 45 years has it rained on the first day of school.    "To see the summer sky is poetry." Emily … [Read more]

14 August 2016

based on Wallace Stevens' "The Snow Man"   The Sand Castle   One must have a mind of sand To regard the ocean and the tides Of water going out, coming in   And have been both wet and dry To build castles … [Read more]

Anna Mitchael’s “Rattlesnake Stories”

Motherhood & Monsters Anna Mitchael’s “Rattlesnake Stories”   Many children fear monsters — whether they hide in the closet or under the bed. Some children fear them when the light goes out, and some have monsters who visit … [Read more]

7 August 2016

Let Rise Overnight at midnight, mind boiling I stash confusion in a dream — Let the entire peck of dirt mix till morning. Resume normal intention. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. … [Read more]

August 1, 1966

My dad, Clif Drummond, gave me this white rose on Monday. He received it at the University of Texas' Tower Garden Rededication Ceremony. He is one of the survivors of the shooting 50 years ago, August 1, 1966. He is also one of the heroes. He and … [Read more]

31 July 2016

Wish you were here You should've heard the honking folks yawning at sacred spaces, desperate to swivel forward to the next Scenic View. You would've liked the bear who wasn't there, the good trip smells in the RV, walking barefoot after a … [Read more]

24 July 2016

Perhaps I am a goat The goat doesn't mind the drought, doesn't mind the flood. Survives on paper. … [Read more]

Keep, Save, & Make, part 4

Make: 2015-2016+ (The first two parts of this series are Keep and Save, if you missed them.) As I said in the beginning of this series, my publisher chose the tagline “how to keep, save, & make your life with poems.” If it had been up to me … [Read more]

17 July 2016

Time Warp   The swallows came back and now they won’t budge. They claimed the pillar, set up shop, songs and all, during a Thursday deluge.   While I read my morning affirmation: I now accept  hope. … [Read more]