Thankful for Someone Else’s Words

I've been trying to think about what to write for Thanksgiving in this space. No words. I think I put them all in the December issue of the WACOAN. I'm aware that all is not well everywhere, in every home, this Thanksgiving. So I'm turning to my … [Read more]

Apple poem

(I had a discussion with novelist Elizabeth Crook, who informed me that "tump" is one of those Texas words I thought everyone knew, as in, "My boat tumped over." If you don't know the word, you should. Everyone needs strong one-syllable words. Like … [Read more]


Some of you have commented on my red teacups above. When I was discussing the blog design with the Blog Whisperer, she suggested I do something with tea, since I tweet about it all the time. "Not a teapot, though," I said. "I'm not fancy about it. … [Read more]

How Cooking Is Saving Me

My friend Shelly Miller wrote a post called "How Saturdays Are Saving Me." It's also about cooking. The whir of the Kitchen Aid, the ting of the timer, chocolate melting in the oven, the aroma of chicken simmering in the Crockpot — it all seems … [Read more]


The other day I traded emails with a friend who had liked my November column in the Wacoan magazine. It was about getting my first new car. The friend wrote, "I also enjoyed your Wacoan article about your new car, enjoy!" I wrote back, "One of … [Read more]

Sunday Haiku

Wholehearted   Life feels heavy and I am too light for it all. Walk on anyway. … [Read more]

Deep thoughts from Hilton

Hey, there. I'm staying at a Homewood Suites by Hilton for work, and I found the most interesting placard in my room about their message. Here it is: In ancient times there was a prayer for "The Stranger Within Our Gates..." Because this hotel … [Read more]

A poem inspired by my poetry muse–George Strait

There's more to come about how George Strait became my poetry muse, but for now, here's a poem inspired by his song "Run." Some of the lyrics are interspersed.   Alpine She's up early. Lingers with coffee, wonders how she's stuck in … [Read more]

29 October 2014

I hear the clamor---you want an update on Polo and Clover, don't you? Currently, Polo is lying on a pillow next to me while I write. That's where she often is. Clover is lying on top of the picnic table, next to my pot of oolong. I can only hope … [Read more]

A poem about sweeping (someone’s gotta do it)

Sweeping   I feel stupid. She's sweeping and I'm praying in the church that's open all day, every day. She's sweeping. Someone's got to sweep it. Why not at 10:34 a.m. on a Thursday. And what am I doing praying in the … [Read more]