Self-Care: Assess your situation

(This is a blogging project with Well, my situation, huh? Hmmm. My situation began about seven years ago. It kicked into crisis mode two years ago. Now the dust has mostly settled.  Nothing is the same. I suspect it never … [Read more]

Makes You summer blogging project

It all started with L.L. Barkat. (It always does.) She wrote a post at Makes You Mom called "How to Make a Self-Care Plan (and lure butterflies)." Then Laura Lynn Brown responded. Now it's officially a thing. For 12 Fridays this summer, beginning … [Read more]

Poem on my pillow

A week or so ago on May 5 was Poem On Your Pillow Day, a Tweetspeak holiday. One of the things I love about Tweetspeak Poetry is how they continue to find new ways to celebrate poetry. As I scrolled through their offerings, one poem caught my … [Read more]

April poem

April the bushes gesture as if they had hands spring wind stirs reveals their hidden cares … [Read more]

Happy Birthday, John!

I hardly ever write about my husband, John, here. He does make it into many of my columns, but those are only available in Waco. Because his birthday is coming up I give you ... 12 Things I Love About John Willome 1) On my birthday he gave me … [Read more]

Thoughts on Margaret Feinberg’s Lenten Challenge

Spoiler alert: It gets a bit Catholic-y ahead.  Today I finished the reading of the Gospels, Margaret Feinberg’s Lenten Challenge. (I finished a couple of days early because I did not always take Sundays off.)  It has not been what I expected. In … [Read more]

poem for Arbor Day

I wrote this poem last summer, after reading Kevin Young's "Arbor Day." I stole his first line. His poem is about loss and dead leaves. Mine too.   April It's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow same as always. Some clouds, some … [Read more]

Two Dogs

Kevin Young's poem "Blessings" has this stanza, which I adore:   May the white dog of Mercy drag you from the car long before it pours into flame.   May Mercy come when called.   So I wrote this, about … [Read more]

How do you research? Swim.

When I wrote the posts about Charity Singleton Craig's and Ann Kroeker's book, "On Being a Writer," Ann left this comment: Megan, I'll bet we all could benefit from a research session with you. Maybe a blog post someday about your process? Here … [Read more]

Happiness poem (yes, you read that right)

"Happy people aren't mean." ---my yoga instructor   We're not supposed to be happy anymore. It's all joy. Joy's all the rage.   Unless it's your birthday, then the cards say: "Enjoy doing whatever makes you … [Read more]