Darkness & Lent

A friend recently recommended Barbara Brown Taylor's book "Learning to Walk in the Dark." I finished it in about a day and a half. All I can say is this: More, please. More lunar Christianity (her phrase, not mine). The cover shows bare trees … [Read more]

Monica Sharman’s “Behold the Beauty”

Monica Sharman, author of “Behold the Beauty,” calls herself a left-brained person who has learned to be a right-brained person. She studied physics at Caltech, the California Institute of Technology. Let’s call that her left-brained side, the side … [Read more]

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Panic Attack

A friend told me that poetry once gave him a panic attack. Literally. He was in high school. It was an assignment regarding Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” Which is a fabulous, somewhat frightening poem. If you try to … [Read more]

Holiday Haiku 25

Thanks for joining me for these Holiday Haikus, friends! Today is December 31, so this is my last one. I enjoyed writing these a lot---they enabled me to notice things and then write about them in condensed form. Taken together, they provide a nice … [Read more]

Holiday Haiku 24

Holiday Haiku 24 Crossing the cattle guard: a goat herd and our car. We crossed together.       … [Read more]

Holiday Haiku 23

Full moon at Christmas. New Year's may bring freezing rain, maybe snow. Please snow. … [Read more]

Holiday Haiku 22

Holiday Haiku 22 Date night. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Yes, we are '70s children. … [Read more]

Holiday Haiku 21

Holiday Haiku 21 Today at yoga: cranberry tea, gingersnaps, cherries, pineapple. … [Read more]

Holiday Haiku 20

Holiday Haiku 20 Driving to the farm winter tomorrow   trees bare tank full   weary road. … [Read more]

Holiday Haiku 19

Holiday Haiku 19 By the time the milk expires, Christmas will have as well. Bah! Humbug!   … [Read more]