Talk with Charity Singleton Craig, “On Being a Writer,” part 3

Today's interview focuses on Charity Singleton Craig. Note: The day after I spoke with Charity, she started her own YouTube series, ‘Five Authors On Being a Writer.' So, dear writers, always leave some time to fact check before you publish because … [Read more]

Talk with Ann Kroeker, “On Being a Writer,” part 2

Today's post focuses on Ann Kroeker. Megan: You’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for awhile. How did you decide on a the format? Ann: That was a spontaneous decision. I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it. I’d been thinking about it … [Read more]

Talk with Ann & Charity, “On Being a Writer,” part 1

On January 16, I spoke with Ann and Charity separately on the phone. Some of the questions were the same, and some were different. I've combined them here and will post sections of the interviews for the rest of the month (actually, through … [Read more]

Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” Final Words

I skipped this page the first time through. Don't do that! It's good! You can find us at our laptops or: I would love, love, love to cross Ann or Charity's path at a Starbucks and write together, … [Read more]

Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” chapter 12

Chapter 12: Limit I wish for you a wrestling match with your Creative Muse that will last for a lifetime. Thank you, Ray Bradbury, but I prefer a muse who woos. Currently, no one can pull words out of me like George Strait, real low in the … [Read more]

Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” chapter 11

Chapter 11: Rest The writing life is rewarding. Anne Lamott calls it a "gift" to find a place in the writing world. ... Sometimes the gift looks like rest. This was my favorite chapter. As I write today I am exhausted. It is 8:30 a.m., … [Read more]

Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” chapter 10

Chapter 10: Plan I'd only seen tumbleweeds in movies and cartoons. This was my first glimpse of the real thing, and realizing that is movement depended on violent, threatening gusts, I decided to stop comparing myself to a tumbleweed. Ann … [Read more]

Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” chapter 9

Chapter 9: Engage It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. That quote of E.B. White's is at the end of "Charlotte's Web." It's one of my favorites. In honor of that, I now have a new stuffed animal, who … [Read more]

Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” chapter 8

Chapter 8: Discover In young adulthood, married with kids, I maintained this practice of writing both privately and publicly, preserving parts of my identity, keeping them from being swallowed into the chaos of young children. I want to write … [Read more]

Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” chapter 7

Chapter 7: Promote I wanted to write, not speak. Ann wrote this about a meeting with the editor of her first book. She admitted to the editor, "I've never spoken anywhere," but she said she was willing to learn how. Oh, Ann. I've never … [Read more]