Maple tree poem

What Drought Hath Wrought   I thought trees didn’t die especially not my maple, my lost maple   It’d be fine without rain. Oh sure we cut back on running the sprinklers since well they were broken but I … [Read more]

An Apology to my Bloggy Friends

Dear Bloggy Friends, Those of you spread across the country, doing your part to fill online spaces with good words, I have neglected you, and I am sorry. I have missed you all. I almost wish I could claim some awful tragedy over the past four … [Read more]

Waltz Across Texas

Okay, so it's not exactly a waltz across Texas. It's a drive. A long drive. Last week we went to South Padre, at the tip of Texas. This week we're in Amarillo, at almost the top of Texas. Padre was for vacation. Amarillo is for a funeral for … [Read more]

South Padre shells

At the end of my month off blogging, my husband and I took a trip to South Padre Island. I did bring my computer, but I didn't use it except for one work email. I brought my poetry journal but didn't even open it. Mostly I watched birds and … [Read more]

Gone Quiet

  There's an old episode of the TV series The West Wing called "Gone Quiet" that I love. A submarine has gone missing in North Korean waters. Are they OK? Or have they just gone quiet? Friends, I need to go quiet. Not because I am in … [Read more]

L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.” volume 11

The poem "6 a.m." starts "You know" and I realize immediately that no, I don't know. I don't know what it's like to wake up at 6 a.m., the bed beside me empty, the sun barely risen. If I'm still in bed at 6 a.m., I am sick. I'm my father's … [Read more]

L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.” volume 10

from Planted How many years now? the tree still not in bloom. L.L. Barkat   Oh, I feel the pain in this one! Whether it's a flowering dogwood that never flowered or just some bloomless bush. It should have worked. It was … [Read more]

L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.” volume 9

Embodiment. That's the title. It's two sentences. I think they would catch my eye even if the were written as prose: "No one thinks of it this way, thinks about incarnation being what we do when we say this is the truth of what I am living day … [Read more]

L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.” volume 8

from Combing:   Sometimes   we take them home, thinking we will find a place for them on the window sill, but the light isn’t quite right and the garden has a little spot where the pink begonias grow in … [Read more]

L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.” volume 7

from You are white smoke against a white sky This one is kind of mysterious. The “you” isn’t there. The “I” is alone. Whatever the reason for the distance or how far it is, an open window makes it seem less so. “I open the glass. / To let me … [Read more]