So it's been a month and a bit more since I've been here. I could tell you what I've been doing but the only thing that matters is that I saw Moana. *Spoilers follow* Give Disney credit: They evolve. From Snow White's "Someday My Prince … [Read more]

When tea saved the day

Homecoming. We were sitting in the stands at McLane Stadium, waiting for the sun to pass us by and leave us in the sweet, sweet shade so we could enjoy a Baylor football game without sweating. When all of a sudden, everyone in our section noticed an … [Read more]

16 October 2016

Floyd Casey   You said you’ve never seen a rainbow but there was one at the football game. It appeared before the lightning when the storm was still off to the south headed straight for us.   It started small and sweet, … [Read more]

Shelly Miller’s “Rhythms of Rest”

It's finally here--Shelly Miller's book on Sabbath, Rhythms of Rest.   I am different from most people in her Sabbath Society because I was already well-acquainted with the practice of Sabbath. It was part of my life for 10 years. It … [Read more]

Book love at Tweetspeak Poetry

Happy October! Tweetspeak Poetry has been running a series about the writing process behind my book, The Joy of Poetry. It's adapted from a series I ran here earlier this year. We're only two posts in, so it's not too late to join us! And … [Read more]

2 October 2016

the washing machine broken since the last poem is finally fixed … [Read more]

25 September 2016

Assessing Psychological Needs at the Drugstore   fretting in front of the shampoos standing with promises for all my problems I wonder what I want   Luxurious Moisture? or do I need Damage Recovery? is Gold Strength … [Read more]

18 September 2016

"Living is like licking honey off a thorn" --- Lianne Mercer   This way to your exam, please, through this door. You have an obligation to make every effort. Lift yourself from whatever floor you have fallen into. Fake it, if … [Read more]

11 September 2016

Too Many Cooks   Now when I cook I wear an apron like a loincloth   To cook is to uncover one's hungers, to learn where my cravings can't catch your desires   Don my shield tied at the back wipe my … [Read more]

“Love at First Fight” by Carey and Dena Dyer

  If you were to make an acronym from the first letters of the title, it would spell LAFF. And that's what you'll do as you read this book---laugh. Especially if you've been married for more than, oh, 24 hours. It's no wonder the book is … [Read more]