“Love, Etc.” volume 1

I've taken the poetry dare twice---once with Nancy Franson and once with Laura Lynn Brown. Now, I'm sort of hooked. I can't start my day without it. My next dare, though, is with myself. Hello, Megan. Care to join me in going through L.L. … [Read more]

27 July 2014

I am sitting on my bed, typing, and Clover is next to me. She seems intent on licking something I cannot see. Neither can she — not really. She is mostly blind. We just learned this on Thursday. My daughter was concerned about something on … [Read more]

A Dream Deferred, and a retreat (not deferred)

When I took Langston Hughes to work for Take Your Poet to Work Day, I did not post excerpts from his best-known poem, "Harlem." It's the one that begins, "What happens to a dream deferred?" I’ve been thinking about that last line — “Or does it … [Read more]


Langston joins me for coffee and poetry. I do not believe he likes George Strait, my musical morning Muse. "Why not jazz?" he asks. "I'll turn on jazz later, when I'm editing. It helps me untangle sentences," I tell him. "Hmph," he says. … [Read more]

Take Your Poet to Work Day, July 16

First we took our daughters to work, then our children, then our dogs. Last year the good folks at Tweetspeak Poetry instituted a new holiday: Take Your Poet to Work Day. (If you're on Twitter, you can follow along at #poettowork.) I printed my … [Read more]

Annie Dillard’s “The Writing Life”

Yesterday afternoon I sat by the city pool, under a live oak tree, and reread most of Annie Dillard's "The Writing Life." As someone who is at the hard stage of writing a book, her words rang more true than when I first read them 10 years … [Read more]

30 June 2014

Polo and Clover wish to say they neither endorse nor approve these poems   although   yes they are true   Clover and Polo invite you to come over sometime so they can tell their own poems on me. … [Read more]

29 June 2014

Blue of morning and Tokie's out. He's hardly ever out, like Darlin', when she got old. Different bird today---one serious about her song. Clover and Polo are serious about sleep. They sleep on the dog bed, in the grass, on the porch, on … [Read more]

Michelle DeRusha’s “Spiritual Misfit”

Today I'm over at Michelle DeRusha's place, heartily endorsing her new memoir, "Spiritual Misfit." Because there's room for all of us birds to perch.   … [Read more]

23 June 2014

Clover Learns to Drive First day of summer, almost 16, my son and I leave the house at sundown to practice night-driving.   “Can we take Clover?” She loves short car rides. “Sure.”   From the backseat, Clover takes … [Read more]