Rosanne Cash, on poems and songs

Are songs poems? It's a question best answered by a songwriter. Rosanne Cash, winner of three Grammys, said there is a difference between her songs that are just songs and her songs that are poetry in an interview on the podcast On Being. Cash and … [Read more]

Happy Birthday, John!

I hardly ever write about my husband, John, here. He does make it into many of my columns, but those are only available in Waco. Because his birthday is coming up I give you ... 12 Things I Love About John Willome 1) On my birthday he gave me … [Read more]

Thoughts on Margaret Feinberg’s Lenten Challenge

Spoiler alert: It gets a bit Catholic-y ahead.  Today I finished the reading of the Gospels, Margaret Feinberg’s Lenten Challenge. (I finished a couple of days early because I did not always take Sundays off.)  It has not been what I expected. In … [Read more]

poem for Arbor Day

I wrote this poem last summer, after reading Kevin Young's "Arbor Day." I stole his first line. His poem is about loss and dead leaves. Mine too.   April It's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow same as always. Some clouds, some … [Read more]

Two Dogs

Kevin Young's poem "Blessings" has this stanza, which I adore:   May the white dog of Mercy drag you from the car long before it pours into flame.   May Mercy come when called.   So I wrote this, about … [Read more]

How do you research? Swim.

When I wrote the posts about Charity Singleton Craig's and Ann Kroeker's book, "On Being a Writer," Ann left this comment: Megan, I'll bet we all could benefit from a research session with you. Maybe a blog post someday about your process? Here … [Read more]

Happiness poem (yes, you read that right)

"Happy people aren't mean." ---my yoga instructor   We're not supposed to be happy anymore. It's all joy. Joy's all the rage.   Unless it's your birthday, then the cards say: "Enjoy doing whatever makes you … [Read more]

Talk with Ann & Charity, “On Being a Writer,” part 4

Last interview! Thank you, Ann and Charity, for answering my questions, and most especially for writing the book. If you, dear readers, have an opportunity to participate in a workshop with Charity and Ann, either in person or online, do yourself … [Read more]

Talk with Charity Singleton Craig, “On Being a Writer,” part 3

Today's interview focuses on Charity Singleton Craig. Note: The day after I spoke with Charity, she started her own YouTube series, ‘Five Authors On Being a Writer.' So, dear writers, always leave some time to fact check before you publish because … [Read more]

Talk with Ann Kroeker, “On Being a Writer,” part 2

Today's post focuses on Ann Kroeker. Megan: You’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for awhile. How did you decide on a the format? Ann: That was a spontaneous decision. I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it. I’d been thinking about it … [Read more]