24 July 2016

Perhaps I am a goat The goat doesn't mind the drought, doesn't mind the flood. Survives on paper. … [Read more]

Keep, Save, & Make, part 4

Make: 2015-2016+ (The first two parts of this series are Keep and Save, if you missed them.) As I said in the beginning of this series, my publisher chose the tagline “how to keep, save, & make your life with poems.” If it had been up to me … [Read more]

17 July 2016

Time Warp   The swallows came back and now they won’t budge. They claimed the pillar, set up shop, songs and all, during a Thursday deluge.   While I read my morning affirmation: I now accept  hope. … [Read more]

Keep, Save, & Make, part 3

  Save: 2011-2014 After my mom died I started keeping a journal, just a Word document where I could write through what was going on in my life on a semi-daily basis. I titled the document “Weather Report.” It could just as easily have … [Read more]

10 July 2016

Escape From Oblivion It was long thought that nothing — not even light, not even a thought — could ever escape a black hole.   But science has been missing something. Over time black holes leak the secrets of everything … [Read more]

Keep, Save, & Make, part 2

Keep: 2002-2010 By the time I started a poetry scrapbook in late 2002, I’d been reading a poem a day for three years, from the time NPR came to Waco and broadcast The Writer’s Almanac at noon. It was my first daily exposure to poetry. For our … [Read more]

3 July 2016

A snail crawls up the Adirondack chair leg stretches its neck, scooches forward, now sideways, or is it up side down? Its feelers---almost antlers--- do a 360, the move forward sure, I'm sure, of its destination. The heart … [Read more]

Keep, Save, & Make, part 1

“How to keep, save, & make your life with poems” was my publisher’s tagline, not mine. I would not have thought of it. As I’ve sat with these words for the last three months, since The Joy of Poetry came out, I have come to believe they are … [Read more]

26 June 2016

Found poem from the words of poet Jane Kenyon, at The Writer's Almanac, 23 May 2016, on her birthday.   Be a good steward of your gifts. Protect your time. Feed your inner life. Avoid too much noise. Read good books, have … [Read more]

19 June 2016

Waiting for the end of the world   We stop on the way to the island to buy food. We know a hurricane   is coming. They say to hole up with beer & Pop Tarts. I brought with me a bottle of Becker. Now I buy … [Read more]