Self-Care: Get good exercise, preferably standing up

My favorite exercise, which I only do once a week, is performed while sitting down. It’s climbing on my bicycle and taking off down a one-lane country road. I live in the cycling capital of Texas. People pay money to ride our roads; I get to do it … [Read more]

Self-Care: Eat good food, preferably sitting down

I owe—entirely—the fact that I’m cooking again at all, to Kristin Schell. When the stress got bad, I didn’t eat dinner for more than a year. After about 3 p.m. every day I got sick to my stomach. Kristin's recipes gently nudged me back to life and … [Read more]

Self-Care: Have fun at least once a week

Whoa. That’s a tall order. I mean, fun? Fun? FUN! Whew. I’m already exhausted thinking about self-care at that level. The best I can come up with for this summer is this: Go to the movies or the theater once a week. This is something I’ve thought … [Read more]

Self-Care: Work to live, don’t live to work

(I am writing along with Laura Lynn Brown's summer blogging project at Please read her post here.) As a general rule I don’t get writer’s block. My work at a monthly magazine doesn’t allow that. But in May, I could not get … [Read more]

Self Care: Make a heart-to-heart connection daily

(I am joining Laura Lynn Brown at in her summer blogging project about self-care, a topic about which I have much to say---possibly too much. Please read her post here.) During this prolonged season, I lost touch with many of my … [Read more]

Self-Care: Hurrying up is slowing you down

(I'm participating in Laura Lynn Brown's Self-Care summer blogging project at Please read her post here.)   Today one of my boot camp friends (the exercise class---not the military) showed up at yoga. At the end of class, … [Read more]

Self-Care: Assess your situation

(This is a blogging project with Well, my situation, huh? Hmmm. My situation began about seven years ago. It kicked into crisis mode two years ago. Now the dust has mostly settled.  Nothing is the same. I suspect it never … [Read more]

Makes You summer blogging project

It all started with L.L. Barkat. (It always does.) She wrote a post at Makes You Mom called "How to Make a Self-Care Plan (and lure butterflies)." Then Laura Lynn Brown responded. Now it's officially a thing. For 12 Fridays this summer, beginning … [Read more]

Poem on my pillow

A week or so ago on May 5 was Poem On Your Pillow Day, a Tweetspeak holiday. One of the things I love about Tweetspeak Poetry is how they continue to find new ways to celebrate poetry. As I scrolled through their offerings, one poem caught my … [Read more]

April poem

April the bushes gesture as if they had hands spring wind stirs reveals their hidden cares … [Read more]